I obtained my BA in Music Composition at Brandeis University, where I studied under David Rakowski. My primary instruments are violin and piano, but I write pieces for all ensembles, including voice.

My musical style is inspired by several composers, including Debussy, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, and Ravel. However, rather than staying within any one genre, I prefer to mix styles, and often introduce modern twists on classical techniques.

Scores (and recordings, where applicable) of my work will be periodically posted on this page. All scores are provided in high resolution and may take some time to load in your web browser. Public performance of these pieces is strictly prohibited without written consent from me.

Number/Date Title Links Notes
CS1: 2012 Eine Meditation ohne Tonart score For chamber orchestra and violin solo. Thanks to Rachel Levine at Brandeis University for demoing the solo part.
CS2: 2012 Im Nebel score For soprano with piano accompaniment. Based on the poem by Hermann Hesse. Thanks to Ariella Stein at Brandeis University for demoing the soprano part.
CS3: 2012 8 Variationen auf eine selbstkomponierte Melodie score A melody and variations for solo piano. The original melody was written by me.
CS4: 2013 Eigenleben score For solo flute.
CS5: 2016 Suite for Piano score recording For solo piano. The first and last movements were written in 2013-2014, while the second movement was completed for my sister's wedding in 2016. The second movement was recorded by me on a Yamaha 255B digital piano.